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Friday, August 3, 2007


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The TLS reviews Alastair Campbell's book - which you can buy cheaply by going to 'Books' or 'Campbell' in the Archive and clicking on the link in Campbell's Soup.

Police have decided that the target of their wrath should be not people who want to undermine this country, but some journalists who want to expose them. Are they fit to protect us, asks Charles Moore [Daily Telegraph]

McKay's Hardcastle column dropped in Irish editions of the Daily Mail
Journalism as a career – wonderful 10-minute movie.

Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834

All our yesterdays (Annie Robinson, Mirror TV commercial)

Richard Stott -
Stott Memorial - and message from daughter Emily:
Sunday Mirror (Tina Weaver, Dennis Ellam)
Mary Riddell (The Observer):,,2141757,00.html
The People (Nigel Nelson):
MSN tribute (Geoff Sutton):
Media Guardian tributes:,,2137959,00.html
The Times obit:
The Independent obit (Bill Hagerty):
Alastair Campbell, Joe Haines (Daily Mirror):
Guardian Obit (Roy Greenslade):,,2137920,00.html
Press Gazette obit:

Contributors’ websites and blogs:
Revel Barker:
Alun John, website:
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