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Friday, August 3, 2007

Number 4

In this mainly calendar-driven edition we fulfil our original brief by starting with a Rant, to welcome (or possibly not) the silly season.
Then, Paul Bannister explains, if English journalists want to be inventive they still have a long, long, way to go to catch up with what their former colleagues are doing in the US of A.
Elsewhere, we remember two birthdays: Joe Mullins on don’t-call-her-a-test-tube-baby Louise Brown and Revel Barker on the journalists’ all-time favourite, the Queen Mum.
Geoffrey Mather sits in front of an open fire while Ian Skidmore travels to Denmark and searches for sex, Paddy O’Gara pitches camp in Corporal Klinger’s beloved Toledo where he’s induced to talk about his experience with Princess Di and polo.
So, a bit of both sex and travel, this week.
Which is one way of describing the gist of the regular message imparted to Robert Maxwell by Mirror editor RICHARD STOTT, whose obit is our final posting in this mixed week…
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